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Arnold Jacobs was born on June 11, 1915 - June 11, 2015 was his 100th birthday,
the Arnold Jacobs Centennial!
Come see the
Jacobs Centennial page.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Midwest Clinic will celebrate the Jacobs Centenial

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass - December 16 at 8:00
Witness the staggering power, amazing precision and brilliant virtuosity that make the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Brass the best in the world. These acclaimed musicians will present a program of traditional favorites and symphonic masterworks arranged for brass ensemble. Join fellow ticketholders after the performance for a discussion about Arnold Jacobs, former Principal Tuba player for the CSO, in celebration of the centennial of his birth
 Arnold Jacobs: His Global Influence - December 17 from 12:00-1:00
Arnold Jacobs, tubist of the Chicago Symphony 1944-1988, was one of the most influential brass teachers of the 20th century. This panel of former Jacobs students have devoted themselves to preserving the legacy of Jacobs' teaching and philosophies through the publication of books, CDs and video interviews. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Arnold Jacobs' birth, the panel will share personal perspectives about what made Arnold Jacobs such an extraordinary performer and teacher, with an emphasis on practical means that can enhance the performance of any brass player, and how Jacobs' pedagogical influences are continuing to be felt around the globe.
Arnold Jacobs: Mentor, Teacher, Friend - December 18  from 12:00-1:00
Arnold Jacobs, tubist of the Chicago Symphony 1944-1988, was one of the most influential brass teachers of our time. This panel of well-known former Jacobsís students will share his influence on them both personally and professionally. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Arnold Jacobs birth, they will discuss his practical methods that will benefit all music teachers and performers of any age.
Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs
With a career spanning seven decades with the Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Chicago Symphonies, Arnold Jacobs has earned a reputation as a world-class performer. Equally significant are his teachings. Dring his career, thousands of students have passed through his studio. Finally, there is the definitive book on his career. Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind is written by Mr. Jacobs' assistant, Brian Frederiksen, and edited by John Taylor. With a length of 296 pages, material comes from masterclasses, private interviews, previously published writings and contributions from his students and colleagues. Subjects include: The Performer: Early Years, Curtis Institute, Indianapolis Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Conductors, Other Performances, York Tuba The Teacher: Physical Elements, Mental Elements, Performance, Instruments, The Jacobs Studio Discography, Full Documentation And more  
Compiled by Bruce Nelson, a student of Arnold Jacobs and Edward Kleinhammer. About Arnold Jacobs, he writes,  In addition to being an
outstanding musician, Arnold Jacobs undoubtedly was the most influential brass teacher of the second half of the twentieth century. Countless brass (and other) musicians from all over the world travelled to Chicago to study with this master. Additionally, Mr. Jacobs also gave master classes that were popular with students, teachers and professionals in many different locations. Even if it were all known, it would be impossible to reduce to writing all of the advice Arnold Jacobs gave to thousands of students over a period of almost 70 years. Nevertheless, this book is an attempt to preserve in writing, by topic, the common ideas and variations of those ideas from which so many musicians have benefited.

The Jacobs Tradition continues
through his students:

Sam Pilafian/Pat Sheridan Breathing
Gym Book and DVD

As students of Mr. Jacobs, Pat Sheridan and Sam Pilafian were inspired by him to create these breathing exercises. With the Breathing Gym you stretch, breathe, move, and make noise along with Pat and Sam. These fun exercises help them to:Increase airflow and stamina, Improve tone and breath control, Reduce body tension, Raise energy level and focus.

Video - Paralysis by Analysis (mp4) Video - Roger Bobo - Waterslosh (mp4)
Video - Song and Wind (mp4) Video - Charles Vernon -
Song and Wind (mp4)
Video - Breathing Excercise (mp4) Video - Breathing Excercise by
Sam Pilafian and Pat Sheridan (mp4)


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